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Working ACD Breeders

Breeders: Welcome

This is a free breeder listing compiled through submissions only. Anyone listed here has requested to be listed. The Working ACD Resource is not the "breeder police", we do not screen breeders on this list. We DO ask that anyone who has submitted their name works livestock in some from or fashion. For a buyer to determine if a specific breeder's dogs meet their needs they will need to contact that specific breeder and ask questions.

A good place to start is ask what type of livestock the sire/dam work and in what situations (gathering, pens, driving, etc). It is the buyer's responsibility to screen for their desired registry (or not), health testing, working or health guarantees, etc.

If you have general questions regarding finding puppies, started dogs, finished dogs, or even getting your own dog started, please join the forum and feel free to ask questions there!

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United States


DCR Working ACD's


Bosworth ACDs

Wayout ACDs - Rebecca Elder

Mt Sterling, KY


Painted Canvas Farms

 Lamar, MO 417-262-0481

Stellar Cattle Dogs

Verona, MO

Brad Smith

Harris, MO


Bernice Owens

Sevierville, TN


Outline ACDs - Erin Eckert

Texarkana, TX 903-276-9755

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