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The Working ACD Resource welcomes anyone interested in the working Australian Cattle Dog. We value the opinions and experiences of each person. As stock work evolves, we know that we may see dogs being used in different capacities and we welcome people to share. This forum is strictly for discussing Australian Cattle Dogs in a herding capacity. We will entertain discussions regarding other sports/venues if they come up, but the moderators reserve the right to halt anything that seems to be taking away from the main topic of this forum.

We will assume that all members on this site are over 18. However, profanities should still be kept to a minimum, and any derogatory conversation, or bickering directed AT any member will be grounds for dismissal. Bullying is not tolerated. You can disagree with someone, or present an opposing opinion, we are not here to be an echo chamber, but to learn and share ideas.

Advertising of stud dogs, litters, puppies, started dogs, bitches for lease, etc are all allowed here. This is a working group, and we will not allow advertising of "pet" litters. We understand not all dogs that are produced will turn out to be working dogs, but litters bred specifically to produce pets can be advertised elsewhere. This should be a place for people to advertise their working bred dogs, including registered, unregistered, farm bred, and cross bred litters. Australian Cattle Dogs or herding/ACD mixes only please.

We intend for this to be a welcoming space for ACD lovers and people who are interested in maintaining the ACD as a herding dog to gather and share. Liberal sharing of content is welcome.

Code of Conduct: Text
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